OLFA 6mm Blades, 5/pk | TSB-1

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OLFA 6mm Blades, 5/pk | TSB-1


OLFA 6mm Replacement Blades for TS-1

These OLFA 6mm replacement blades fit the OLFA 6mm Liner Cutting ToolIf you only want to cut 1 layer or the backing, this is the knife for you. An innovative cutter that allows only a single sheet to be cut. Ideal for cutting vinyl on a car without cutting into and scratching the vehicle surface (advanced installer only) . It will help you with all tasks that require only a single layer to be cut and the material beneath to be preserved.
Simple sheet thickness adjustment from "MIN" to "MAX" depending on sheet's thickness. Made from high-quality carbon tool steel. Auto-pressure control system adjusts cutting pressure.

Good For: wrapping, cutting wallpaper, window films, cutting vinyl backing paper, vinyl graphics and more.

Made from high quality carbon tool steel, and produced using OLFA precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. 

Replacement blades for OLFA 6mm LIner Cutting Tool: TS-1