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YelloTools SpeedMag HD Car Wrap Magnet

YelloTools SpeedMag HD Car Wrap Magnet

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Remarkably powerful magnets, made in Germany, with a specialty, gum-like, coating that protects the colors in vehicle finishes. They’re also guaranteed “combustion free*.” (Warning: most other magnets aren’t.) SpeedMag HD is a true marvel, with the strength to hold large graphics in place, even on windy days. Don’t settle for bad imitations. For the sake of your graphics, and your client’s vehicle, insist on genuine SpeedMag HD magnetic hold-downs. Includes: 1 Magnet

New in 2010: Easy apply marker for better “center-finding”.
Another great improvement by a signmaker.

Before Installation please refer to the Instructional Bulletins.


Recommended Uses: Matte Vehicle Wraps, Chrome wraps, Delicate surfaces, Decals & Stripes, Accents & Trim, Everyday Use, Sign Making & Lettering

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